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Vector Games


Vectrex and Toughbook

I've converted a Vectrex to an Vector display and am driving it with a Teensy 3 plus an SPI DAC. Using a modified version of MAME, I'm able to write the vectors to the Teensy over USB, which generates 12-bit lines using Bresenham's line algorithm and DMA to transfer the points to the DAC. This provides a nearly glitch free way to display the games and artwork. Read on for more details...

Vector displays with MAME

These are the Atari vector games that I've successfully emulated with MAME and displayed on a vector display, such as the Vectrex or Tek 1720. Read on for more details...

MakerFaire games

Future Crew

Future Crew in action
Future Crew Game

For the 2013 Interactive Show several of us at NYC Resistor collaborated on a multi-player game that repurposed a teletype, a video editing console, a toy piano, a patch panel and a rotary telephone into Star Trek meets the TARDIS game of shouting at each other. Read on for more details...


Building the giant cylinder
Removing jumbotron screens

Megascroller is a collaborative LEDscape interactive art piece built for the NYC Resistor 2014 Interactive Show and that has been exhibited at many other art festivals. Read on for more details...

Semaphore Hero

For our booth at the 6th NYC Makerfaire, NYC Resistor built a game called "Semaphore Hero". It's a Guitar Hero played with semaphore flags and was put together over two weekends before the event. Read on for more details...

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