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This website collects links and info about some of the projects that I have worked on. See About for more information about me or the chronologically sorted list of projects. The Recent Changes page has a list of what pages on the site have been updated.

Popular projects


Firmware Security
Thunderstrike is a proof-of-concept EFI firmware rootkit for Apple's MacBooks that I wrote while researching boot-time security on these popular laptops. First announced at 31C3 in Hamburg, partially fixed by Apple in Yosemite 10.10.2. I collaborated with Xeno Kovah and Corey Kallenberg on Thunderstrike 2, a software-only extension to the original vulnerability, that was presented at Blackhat / DEFCON 2015.

Magic Lantern original logo.png

Magic Lantern firmware
I reverse engineered the firmware in the Canon 5D Mark II and started the Magic Lantern project that is now an open system for writing extensions that run inside Canon's DSLR and mirrorless cameras.


Vector gaming
I've extended MAME to work with vector displays and presented vector retrogaming at 32nd Chaos Communication Congress. This can also be used to make replica arcade cabinets using vector displays like the Vectrex.

Octoscroller board.jpg

I designed the LEDscape "cape" for the BeagleBone Black's programmable realtime unit (PRU) for driving RGB LED strips or matrices. I've used it in several LED art pieces, Cubescroller, Octoscroller and the Mini Pyramid, and other people have used it in many of their own art projects.

Project Categories

spiflash reader and chipclip
Keychain update
Oscilloscope vector clock
Reverse engineering hardware and software. Miscellaneous Hacks with microcontrollers, tools, etc. Vector displays -- building XY monitors out of oscilloscopes.
Five turn torus
Robot sunbeam
3D Printing designs and software. Radio projects Robots -- IK, FK and games
Epilog command line laser cutter test
IBM 129 Card Data Recorder
USB mill controller and e-stop
Laser cutter projects and software. Retrocomputing with papertapes, punchcards and antique computers. USB Devices, mostly HID and serial.
Pebble Polar Map
Blinky things: LEDs, Nixies, EL Wire, etc... Photography projects and software. Clocks and watches.
Eight successful watches
R44 flight
Yubikey Neo and Neo-N
Classes that I have taught. Other hobbies. Security topics.