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The Spark Core is a mostly Arduino compatible ARM device with a built-in WiFi module and a really simple cloud backend to read variables or call functions on the device. This makes it really easy to build internet connected things. Here are some of my favorite projects that I've built with this versatile microcontroller.


There was an old AMD1026 one-line (90x7) LED sign hanging around NYCR that was not doing anything and required RS485 to interface with. I felt that it needed a more modern controller and an Internet interface, so I re-brained it with a SparkCore and put it online. Read on for more details...


I've converted the SolderTime Desk Clock to use a SparkCore in place of the ATMega328. This gives it network time sync and the ability to set the alarm via WiFi. Still a work in progress, but mostly functional. Read on for more details and code...

Ice Coffee Emergency Button

We have an iced coffee keg from Joyride Cofee filled with Stumptown cold-brew. Everyone enjoys it so much that we run out fairly quickly. To inform our facilities team when a keg is empty, I built an "Coffee emergency button" that files a JIRA to let them know it needs attention. Read on for more details...

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Last update: November 8, 2020