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Blinky things

  • EL wire Nixie -- an attempt to recreate the classic Nixie tube with EL wire
  • Hexascroller LEDs -- adding a notification function to NYC Resistor's Hexascroller
  • LED ring light -- laser cut holder for illuminating photographic subjects

Laser cutting

  • Epilog driver -- command line laser cutting
  • Lasercut Halftone -- generating images by cutting lots of small holes
  • Settlers of Catan -- recreating the classic game with a variety of other techniques
  • Boxer -- an opensource tool to make laser cut boxes of various shapes
  • Living hinge -- experimenting with flexible laser cut wood



  • STS-133 -- I attended the STS-133 launch of the space shuttle Discovery
  • Hackerspace Roadshow -- I helped film a piece about other people's projects at NYC Resistor

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Last update: November 8, 2020