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Most of my photos since 2004 are on flickr, including my most popular one of a very dark lower Manhattan after hurricane Sandy. I like to categorize them into sets and there are also photos of me on flickr. If you're interested in licensing any of the photos, please contact me via email.


A documentary team used my Magic Lantern firmware for filming some of the last Spaceshuttle launches and invited me to help out with the STS-133 launch. Once the orbiter returned to earth and had been decomissioned in 2012, I attended the handover at Udvar-Hazy. Later that year I helped out with making a timelapse of the Enterprise at JFK.

Street Art

I like to photograph street art and interesting shop windows. Mostly they are shot with my phone since it is "the camera I have with me". Read on for more photos.

Film projects

We've entered a few film competitions, mostly very short ones like the 48 Hour Film Project for the International Film Challenge. The issues with using a DSLR for making films let me to write the Magic Lantern firmware.


Photographs of currency, monitors, technology and other things taken with a USB microscope at up to 250x magnifications. Read on for more info...

Make's Hackerspace Roadshow

In 2011 Make invited hackerspaces to film interviews about their member's projects. I filmed several of the NYC Resistors discussing their cool inventions. Read on for more photos of the Hackerspace Roadshow...



In 2011 I was invited to attend the launch of STS-133 and assist with the setup of remote cameras running my Magic Lantern firmware. The above picture is one of the closest stereo-pairs we setup to film the launch. Read on for more photos of the launch...

Space Shuttle Discovery at Udvar-Hazy Center

In 2012 the Smithsonian Air and Space museum exchanged its Space shuttle Enterprise for the Discovery. I was invited to help photograph the handover. Read on for more photos...

Space Shuttle Enterprise at JFK

Over a weekend in mid 2012 several Resistor members worked together with The Last Shuttle Project and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to install a time lapse camera near Hangar 12 at JFK to record the demating operation of the Space Shuttle Enterprise (OV101) from the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft and produce a time lapse video of the event. I had just been in Washington DC for the Space shuttle Discovery handover to the Air and Space musuem and seen Enterprise being loaded onto the SCA. Read on for commentary about the all night operation on the airport ramp...

Transit of Venus

During the 2012 Transit of Venus we setup on the roof of a building in SoHo, NYC to watch it with a telescope and film it with my Canon 5D on a T-mount adapter. If you missed it, the next one will be in 2117.

Cameras and equipment

Magic Lantern firmware

In 2009 I reverse engineered the firmware in the Canon 5D Mark 2 camera and wrote the Magic Lantern firmware to add features that I needed for some of my film projects. Since then it has been ported to nearly every Canon DSLR model and provides an enormous range of features including RAW video and HDR. It even has a wikipedia page. Read on for more details...

Large format photography

I designed an adapter to align my DSLR to the film plane of my 4x5 field camera so that I can take advantage of the full range of camera motions and use my antique lenses. The "full frame" 5D is effectively a "crop sensor" since it is significantly smaller than the 4x5 film plane. Read on for more info on this adapter...

LED Ring Light

I experimented with a laser cut ring light based on a circular PCB of white LEDs that Adam brought back from China. They work fairly well, although the petal shaped hood of the 24-70 cases a shadow unless the light is at the very edge of the plastic.

Pinhole cameras

I built a simple pin-hole lens for my 5D Mark II by drilling a large hole in body cap, covering it with foil, and using a sharp needle to poke through. The full frame sensor is sensitive enough to shoot video. A few photos.

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