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Lightroom Tutorial

Lightroom isn't like Photoshop -- it doesn't have "image editing" or compositing. It mirrors the sort of operations you can do in a traditional darkroom, like adjusting exposure, cropping and rotating the image, dodging/burning to brighten or dim sections, and fixing white balance issues.

The two main modes are "Library", in which you can see all your photos, and "Develop", for making modifications.


  • Exposure
  • Cropping / Rotating
  • Spot correction
  • Graduated filter
  • Dodge/Burn
  • White balance
  • Perspective correction
  • High-ISO noise reduction
  • Paste settings

Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to use it. In develop mode:

  • Tab -- Hide all the toolbars, show just the image
  • Space -- Zoom in/out
  • R - rectangular crop
  • W - White balance eye-dropper: click on something white
  • - Toggle between original and edited image
  • Y - display original and edit side by side
  • G - return to grid mode library view

Library mode:

  • G - grid mode
  • R - enter develop mode, rectangular crop

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Last update: November 8, 2020