Space shuttle Discovery

From Trammell Hudson's Projects

Space Shuttle Discovery at Udvar-Hazy Center

Enterprise and Discovery

In 2012 the Smithsonian Air and Space museum exchanged its Space shuttle Enterprise for the Discovery. I was invited to help photograph the handover.

James S. McDonnell Space Hangar

The morning of the landing they pushed the Enterprise back from its spot in the James McDonnell space hangar. I rode the boom lift to install a timelapse camera in the hangar the day before.

Crowds waiting for the Space Shuttle Discovery arrival

Everyone was excited for the landing and lined up on the highway to watch.

Landing at IAD

My station was directly under the flight path. The above image is a still from this video of the landing.

Discovery on the Space Shuttle Carrier

Afterwards we were able to view the SCA and Discovery orbiter on the tarmac.

Our team

The documentary team from the Last Shuttle Project, NASA and the Smithsonian,

More photos from the handover