InPulse watches

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Thirty days of inPulse watches

Four watches

As an artistic challenge I tried to write a new watch face every day for the inPulse programmable wrist watch. One day even included a full wireframe 3D rendering library, others included squeezing compressed data into the limited flash memory. It was difficult to do a new creative design every day, but I made it through the month and was able to exhibit them at the 2011 Interactive Show.

Word clock
Word clock
inPulse Life
Chunky life
Utah Teapot rendering
Utah Teapot (day 1)
Odometer clock
Odometer (day 2)
24 Hour Analog clock
24-hour analog (day 3)
Starwars crawl (Day 4)
Starwars crawl (day 4)
Vector font (Day 5)
Vector font (with rotation) (day 5)
Sands of Time (Day 6)
Sands of time (day 6)
Nixie Clock (Day 7)
Neo-Nixie (day 7)
Antialiased Hershey Fonts (Day 8)
Anti-aliased vector font (day 8)
Rotating watch faces (Day 9)
Rotating watch faces (day 9)
World Map (Day 10)
World Map (day 10)
Roman Numerals (Day 11)
Roman Numerals (day 11)
Metronome (Day 12)
Metronome (day 12) -- the clock by Union Square, NYC
Spiral time (Day 13)
Spiral time (day 13)
Fortune (day 15)
Fortunes (day 15)
Infinity (Day 16)
Infinity (day 16)
Wave Pendulum (Day 17)
Wave Pendulum (day 17)
Doomsday - Watchmen (Day 18)
Doomsday - Official (Day 18)
Doomsday - Watchmen (day 18)
Flip clock (Day 19)
Flip clock (day 19)
Mandelbrot (Day 20)
Mandelbrot (day 20)
Animated flip clock (Day 21)
Animated flip clock (day 21)
If I had known better ... (Day 22)
QR code time (with fortunes) (day 22)
Quadrant (Day 23)
Quadrant (day 23)
Conway's Life (Day 24)
Conway's Game of Life (day 24)
Arcs (Day 25)
Arcs (day 25)
Matrix (Day 26)
Matrix (day 26)
Swarm (Day 27)
Swarm (day 27)
Bargraph (Day 28)
Bargraph (day 28)
Fireworks (Day 29)
Fireworks (day 29)
Lunar phase watch (Day 30)
Lunar phases (day 30)