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Vectrex games

Vectrex Games

These are actual screenshots of the Vectrex console displaying Vectrex, Vectorbeam and Cinematronics games that are being emulated with MAME and converted back into vectors with the DAC board. These are a subset of Wikipedia's list of vector games; not all of the Vectrex games work (they are distributed as ".vec" files instead of MAME's zips). Many of these also work with the Raspberry Pi and my mame4all-pi branch.


Starhawk is a pretty decent "3D" space shooter from 1979.


Barrier is a very simple 'move your triangle past the "3D" diamonds'. Not bad for a reflex game.


Sundance is another Cinematics 1979 release. Couldn't figure out how to play this one, but it looks like something from Startrek TNG.

Tail Gunner

Tail Gunner (1979). Very reminscent of the Starwars vector game's TIE-fighter waves.

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds (1982). Difficult controls, but fairly nice animations and renderings of the tripod walkers from War of the Worlds.

Star Castle

Star Castle (1980). Turned into Yars Revenge on the Atari, I believe.

Speed Freak

Speed Freak (1979) is Vectorbeam's "Night Driver" clone. It is unplayable with the joystick -- far too twitchy. Faux "3D", cars, cows and even low-flying planes that look like Predators. I saw lots of the flashing "cracked glass" screen.


Rip-Off (1980, Cinematronics). Who would name their block stealing game "Ripoff" unless it is perhaps a clone of another game?

Cosmic Chasm

Cosmic Chasm (1982, Cinematronics). There is some sort of rendering bug in this game that causes the beam to not always turn off.

Solar Quest

Solar Quest (1981, Cinematronics for Vectrex). Hard to control and there is no gravity from the star.

Boxing Bugs

Boxing Bugs (1981, Cinematronics) This one was absolutely inexcusably bad. A review says "less fun than playing Pac-Man on a machine with a dead monitor".

Armor Attack

Armor Attack (1982, Vectrex). You need an overlay to play this one! The walls aren't visible in the onscreen map.

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