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Penrose game

Penrose tile game

My Penrose tile game is a very abstract version of Carcassonne in which players take turns placing the two rhombus tiles in such a way that the lines match up with the pieces already placed. The goal is to make complete loops. The rules are still being developed, so this describes one possible variant.

  • The current player draws one wide and one narrow tile from the face-down pile.

  • The player may place the tiles in either order.

  • The tiles must be placed adjacent to an existing tile and the lines on the tiles must be matched.
  • Care must be taken to avoid creating an invalid configuration. (This needs to be defined)
  • Pieces can not create chains. (This also needs to be defined)
  • To be considered: should the players have "hands" of tiles?

There are eight types of tiles; note that due to the asymetry of the Penrose rhombuses that the diagonal ones are not rotational equivalent.

Two color variant

The lines on the tiles can be colored to make matching more difficult and possibly allow teams to compete - players only receive points for completing loops of their color. This also makes the board patterns very visually interesting.

In this form there are more types since it is necessary to have solid and mixed forms of each line. The laser cut version doesn't have a way to distinguish the pieces, so for play testing we used a marker to try it:


Laser cut files are on thingiverse: thing:2353145 Thanks to @brindelle for play testing with me!

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Last update: November 8, 2020