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Wipeout XL

Wipeout, from Hackers
Wipeout, from Hackers

In the film "Hackers", the club Cyberdelia had a standup Wipeout game with a dual stick controller. The actors aren't actually playing the game -- it was pre-rendered and they are just moving the sticks -- but we wanted it for our Hackers 20th anniversary party at NYC Resistor (actually held at


It worked really well at the Hack the planet party! Check out that page for some photos of the awesome event.


Wipeout dual stick controller
Playstation teensy adapter

I used a Teensy to convert this rare two-stick PS1 controller into a USB joystick. Code is in github/osresearch/wipeout. Unfortunately the game doesn't accept analog inputs for the ship controls, which makes it rather hard to play.


Up Nose down
Down Nose up
Left Turn left
Right Turn right
Square Discard weapon
Triangle Change view
Circle Use weapon
Cross Accelerate
L2 Left air brake
R2 Right air brake
Start Pause menu

Control listing from Mapping this to the dual stick controller required some compromises; we used X on the forward left stick so that it became the throttle and we mapped the D-pad to the right stick. This meant that the player had to use the sticks to walk through menus, which was a little confusing.