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Vector display class

Vector display class

I led a class at NYC Resistor on assembling my vector driver boards for Vectrex and vectorscope displays. Ten students soldered together their boards, tested them with Processing and no one accidentally touched the flyback transformer in the exposed CRTs.

The sample Qix-like demo code in listens to the serial port for a list of coordinates and draws line segments between the points. It is fairly easy to make it reactive to user input or to handle data from outside sources. Adelle Lin wrote the initial demo and I checked it into the vst tree.

Important note: Linux's ModemManager is awful software and should be uninstalled. It watches for new serial devices to be connected and sends AT\r\n to them to see if they respond as a modem. In this case it messes up the communication protocol and causes random glitch art to appear. This is the third time I've encountered it and had to debug bizarre serial port issues.

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Last update: November 8, 2020