From Trammell Hudson's Projects

I've been editing wikipedia since 2009 and have collected here pages that I created, heavily edited and to which I've added my own photographs.

Pages I created

Sarah Cowell by Jane Bartlett.jpg

Sarah Cowell Le Moyne, an late 19th, early 20th century stage actress whose portrait hangs in the Brooklyn Museum.

Taylor Map - City of New York.jpg

The Taylor Map of New York, an epic engraved map from 1879 that covers every street in Manhattan and much of Brooklyn Heights.

58 Joralemon.jpg

58 Joralemon Street, a row house in Brooklyn Heights that serves as "the world’s only Greek Revival subway ventilator". It is a fairly well kept facade that hides an emergency exit and ventillation system for the MTA.

Crossword puzzle with lady in black coat.jpg

Paulina Olowska, a Polish artist whose works were on special exhibit at the Stedelijk Museum at the end of 2013.

Domilise's exterior.jpg
Domilise's interior.jpg

Domilise's Po-boy and Bar, a classic New Orleans restaurant with excellent dress roast-beef po-boy sandwiches.

Pages featuring my images

Paragon XP-E - front.jpg

Intel Paragon, one of the first parallel computers that I used. My team at Sandia wrote a lightweight kernel, named SUNMOS and later Puma, that became the de-facto OS for the Paragon and the start of my career in high performance computing. I'm reflected in the photo of the front panel.

IBM T221.jpg

IBM T221 LCD monitor. I use one at work and am amazed that IBM had 4k, 200 DPI displays available in early 2000, while the rest of the industry had stagnated at 1080p. The wikipedia image is my monitor showing xterm at "normal" resolution.

Chat qui peche.jpg

Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche, the narrowest street in Paris. Unfortunately the street art has been painted over; I'm glad I saw it when I was on a holiday in Paris.

Canon 85mm comparison (front).jpg Canon 85mm comparison (rear).jpg

Canon EF 85mm, both the f/1.8 and f/1.2, are great lenses.

HP 1000 E-Series minicomputer.jpg
HP 2647A terminal.jpg

A functional HP 2100 was featured at VCS East and I had to take photographs of it.

Photos of People

Ali Luminescent.jpg

Ali Luminescent, Brooklyn dancer

DJ Frodo.jpg

Elijah Wood as a DJ

Daniel Kottke - Mac signatures.jpg

Daniel Kottke, early Apple engineer

Rembrandt - self portrait etching.jpg

Rembrandt, engraver

Diana Eng - Fairytale Fashion.jpg

Diana Eng, fashion designer

Karen Gillan 2010.jpg

Amy Pond, Doctor Who companion

Isao Yukisada.jpg

Isao Yukisada, film director

Magnus Carlsen (2012).jpg

Magnus Carlsen, chess grandmaster

Blanca Li "Robot".jpg

Blanca Li, robot choreographer

Stross and Doctorow at Makerbot.jpg

Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow reading from The Rapture of the Nerds

Jeff Westbrook.jpg

Jeff Westbrook, author of math jokes in The Simpsons and Futurama.

Laura Poitras - Citizen Four.jpg
Laura Poitras, director of CITIZENFOUR

Photos of Places

Intrepid museum aerial.jpg

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

Cadman Plaza - Victory.jpg

Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn Heights

Amsterdam charging station.jpg

Electric vehicle network of the Netherlands

Eurodam - Explorer's bar.jpg

MS Eurodam

Topaz bar.jpg

Topaz Hotel

NYPD 78th precinct.jpg

The exterior of the NYPD 78th precinct, used in the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Peterhof landing stage.jpg

The Peterhof landing stage

Amsterdam recycling.jpg

Recycling in the Netherlands

Blue Hole - New Mexico.jpg

Blue Hole (New Mexico)

Roosevelt Island tramcar 2010.jpg

Roosevelt Island Tramway

Strecker Memorial Laboratory.jpg

Strecker Memorial Laboratory

Fuji-Q - Haunted hospital.jpg

Fuji-Q Highland

Herman Behr Mansion dragon.jpg

Herman Behr Mansion

Cairo gargoyle.jpg

The Cairo (DC)

Dupont Circle Metro - north exit.jpg

Dupont Circle (WMATA station)

PS116 girls door.jpg

Murray Hill, Manhattan


St David's Cathedral

Dupont Circle Fountain.jpg

Constantine Seferlis

LentSpace - Occupy protest.jpg

Duarte Square

LentSpace - Food trucks.jpg


NYCR Barbot.jpg

NYC Resistor

DC JCC night.jpg

Jewish Community Center (DC)

Clinton Street Baking line.jpg

Clinton Street Baking, Lower East Side, and Cuisine of New York City

USCGC Eagle helm.jpg

USCGC Eagle (WIX-327)

NYC MTA no W.jpg

W (New York City Subway service)

R train R160.jpg

R (New York City Subway service) showing the R160 train}}

Barnett Newman's "Cathedra" at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Number 88 by Bob Law.jpg

Bob Law's Number 88

Photos of antique computers

IBM 129 Card Data Recorder.jpg

IBM 129

IBM 83 card sorter - reader brush.jpg

IBM card sorter

IBM 700 logic module.jpg

The 1950s era IBM 700/7000 series



Colossal Cave Adventure on VT100 terminal.jpg

Colossal Cave Adventure, a FORTRAN IV game on a PDP-11

RT-11 help.jpg

RT-11 HELP screen on a VT100.

Unibus cable.jpg

Unibus cable and connector

Unibus terminator card.jpg

Electrical termination, showing a Unibus terminator.


RK05 "decpack" removable harddisk for the PDP-11

Amdahl 4705.jpg

Amdahl Corporation / Blinkenlights

Photos of technology

Oscilloscope clock.jpg


Space Rocks (game).jpg

Vector monitor

Joule thief waveform.jpg

Joule thief

Oberheim-DX processor board.jpg

Oberheim DMX

NYCR USB deaddrop.jpg

USB dead drop

Slide rule pocket watch.jpg

Slide rule

Joule thief.jpg

2N3904 / wikiversity/Direct Current

Neato XV-11.jpg

Neato Robotics


Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller

Laserdisc CAV.jpg

CAV LaserDisc format

Solder paste.jpg

Solder paste

Photos of things

Enterprise wing panel.jpg

Space Shuttle Enterprise wing damage

Lagoon-380 cockpit.jpg

Lagoon catamarans

Lagoon-380 haulout.jpg



Tritium illumination

WWII USA Basic Mileage Ration (front).jpg

Office of Price Administration / Rationing


Date palm / Five Pillars of Islam / Souq Al Mubarakeya

Living hinge (wood).jpg

Living hinge

Yukimi Daifuku

Boardwalk Empire

Shuttle Carrier Aircraft - Silhouettes.jpg

Shuttle Carrier Aircraft

Enterprise and Discovery.jpg

Space Shuttle Discovery

STS133 launch.jpg


Dslr sensor comparison.jpg

Full-frame digital SLR, Digital single-lens reflex camera, and Crop factor

Canon EF L pins.jpg

Canon EF 70-200mm (fr)



Obama progress street art.jpg

Street Art (fr)

Beat Time.jpg

WMS Industries

Absinthe fountain.jpg


Salty liquorice selection in Albert Heijn