Security bingo

From Trammell Hudson's Projects

Every Thunderstrike related story has some comments that always appear. If you want to play bingo in the comment section, here is what you can expect to find:

  • You can't write to ROM! It's "Read-Only"!
  • Macs don't get viruses!
  • It's not a virus/worm/trojan because it doesn't ...
  • BIOS != UEFI (or EFI != UEFI)
  • BIOS need to have write-protect switches!
  • No one uses Thunderbolt, so this doesn't matter!
  • Physical control == All security bets are off!
  • If they have physical control, they can just steal the laptop!
  • Since it needs root access I don't have to worry about it.
  • This is old news because Inception was fixed in ...
  • A low-level format will get rid of it!
  • Does this work with USB?
  • I use FileVault disk encryption, so I'm safe.
  • I have a firmware password, so I'm safe.
  • I never leave my laptop alone, so I'm safe.
  • I never run code as root, so I'm safe.
  • I run Linux, so I'm safe.
  • This is Intel's fault since they invented Thunderbolt.
  • This is Intel's fault since they wrote EFI.
  • Secure Boot solves this problem.
  • Why do these security people keep revealing bugs? Doesn't that just help the hackers?