Pendant 2015

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Blink Hospital Pendant 2015

Blinky Hospital pendants

For 2015's Burning Man, we've designed a much simpler Blinky Hospital pendant. This one uses a CR2023 battery and only two layers of acrylic and is much less complicated to build compared to last year's design.

Laser cutter project aftermath

As with all Laser cutter projects, there was quite a bit of experimentation to make it work.


Cut the Outline and Logo layer out of clear or colored 3mm acrylic. Be sure to etch fairly deeply; I used 40% speed at 100% power. Then cut the Outline and Battery layers out of mirrored acrylic. The colored acrylic flipped so that the etching is inside.

Pendant LED leads

Bend the leads on a slow flash 5mm LED to make a bump that connects to the positive and is secured in the notch. The negative lead is cut short and runs along the etched groove of the LED in the logo.

Pendant batch
Pendant batch

I found that a clear 3mm top looks better than colored acrylic since the LED cycles through so many colors. The best back that I've found is normal mirrored 3mm.