October First 2


Frontage art - Everything looked great. Could do better next year if plans materialize earlier and we minimize the gap in communication. For example, I was trying to hunt down specs for the sign for weeks, and only got some info 2 days before leaving.

Modes for LED art - The frontage art could have different modes. For example, during Karaoke, we could have a visualized mode that reacts to the sound of the person singing.

Karaoke - I loved this! Ideas like this make Disorient more than just a sound camp, and more interactive.

Gallery Space - I heard this from Trammell, but the idea is to have a gallery of smaller works.

Blinky Hospital - I recommend two days only. More battery recycling. Maybe hang a flag. Also makes the camp more than just a sound camp.

Container - We need to bolt canvas down in front of the container. I spent much time cleaning up wood splinters, and I'm pretty sure there were plenty left. Locks, also a good idea. Not sure if Ocean had a spare lock, but bring bolt cutters just in case. The people at the ranch do special ties to help identify any tampering.

We should have some LED strips that can be cut to size and ready to go for side projects that popup in camp. For example, the piano. This is something I'll probably take on myself next year.


Justin and I were discussing that Blinky Hospital should be earlier in the week, as well. It seems like people mostly unpack their blinkies from last year and go "huh, not working", so it's more an early in the week sort of thing.

And canvas for in front -- absolutely. We should add that to the resupply list for next year.


We have the strip and controllers, the limitation there was the power supply. Would be good to find a battery that doesn't need to be charged daily, or a power supply that's a little more manageable than the 12a ones for the frontage.


  • Open dome worked great. Keep it (or build similar with frontage)
  • DC power supplies for blinky art
  • VHF repeater
  • Captive portal for WiFi
  • SSB telemetry tags
  • Bulk charger for radios
  • More radios to hand out
  • Tool organizer
  • Wiring rack or board for networking and radio gear
  • Charging stations for USB
  • Work lights in container
  • Oscilloscope
  • Dremel
  • Fan mounting
  • More yellow top bins
  • RATCHET STRAPS -- big ones
  • Taller frontage: can we built on a container? Then what do we do with it?
  • Interaction? Dance floor, OpenCV, etc.
  • More modular sign: build power supplies and RX boards onto it. Including spacing blocks.
  • Mesh networking with art cars?
  • Container bar was great, but needed better charge controller.
  • Can we do solar for all of our frontage lighting and HRC needs?
  • LED spot lights instead of large theater lighting?

Burning Man 2015

Last update: November 8, 2020