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Mini Pyramid

Mini Pyramid

I built a minature version of the Disorient Pyramid using 32x16 RGB LED panels and used the Octoscroller boards running LEDscape to display the Burning Man video art during Disorient's GlamTech 2014 event, as well as Compressor and Gratitude*NYC. When it is not on the road for art festivals, it hangs on the wall at NYCR.

To help figure out which panel was mapped to which location, I wrote the identify program to print the X,Y location on each panel. The verticals are connected to Misumi 15mm extrusion with a metric ton of M3 hardware and a mix of 3D printed and laser cut acrylic parts. The bracket STL files are available in the LEDscape tree.

It is now hanging above the archway in NYC Resistor's main room and runs a variety of demos, including this one of Perlin noise.

2014 Blinky LEDscape

Last update: November 8, 2020