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Setting up the BeagleBone for LEDscape

This assumes that you have just received a stock Angstrom BeagleBone Black, either from circuitco or element14. These steps only need to be done once.

Download the BeagleBone Black network driver

The BeagleBone Black appears as a USB network device when powered from a computer. You will need to install the USB network driver to be able to connect to it. Once powered, it should show up as on a wired network connection. Login as root, password root.

Download the LEDscape distribution

Current snapshot is and should be copied to the BBB, which should show up as a USB device on your computer. Unpack it in root's home directory and run the install script.

root@beaglebone:~: tar zxvf /media/BEAGLEBONE/LEDscape-angstrom.tar.gz
root@beaglebone:~: ./LEDscape/bin/install
root@beaglebone:~: sync;sync;sync; reboot

Disable HDMI

If the install script doesn't work for you (it only works with Angstrom), you might need to disable the HDMI by hand. Mount /dev/mmc and edit uEnv.txt to disable the HDMI and HDMIN (no audio) outputs. It should look something like this, although there might be other comments and/or stuff. the capemgr.disable_partno bit is what is important.

optargs=quiet capemgr.disable_partno=BB-BONELT-HDMI,BB-BONELT-HDMIN

Assembling the board

center|500px Tile bill of materials for building an Octoscroller board:

Note that the IC is installed on the underside of the board and the "key" on the 16-pin shrouded headers is towards the bottom of the board. Suggested assembly order is the IC, then the eight connectors and then the two dual-row headers using the BeagleBone Black board as a jig to hold the pins straight. There are two ground pins that can be soldered for ease of hooking up an oscilloscope and also a two-pin header for external power if you don't want to use the USB or barrel connector on the BBB.

Getting involved

There is a LEDscape google group for technical discussion and all the code is available.

PRU LEDscape BeagleBone

Last update: April 18, 2020