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Kaypro 2

There was a Kaypro 2 in the storage loft at NYCR that booted on the first try. The floppy disk in the drive was "Mickey's Jigsaw Puzzles", but it booted up with CP/M. On the disk was KERM411.COM, which allowed us to connect it to a remote Unix machine.

Once kermit was running, the serial port was configured to 1200 baud with VT52 emulation and put into connection mode:

      set speed 1200
      set term vt52

On the Unix machine I started getty to allow the Kaypro to login and run console programs like lynx:

      sudo /sbin/getty -L 1200 ttyUSB2 vt52

The internals and mainboard were in really good shape. This system is ready for display. Next we'll need to clean up the Osborne 1 next to it...

File transfer with kermit:

kermit -m none -i -l /dev/ttyUSB2 -b 1200 -s

2015 Retrocomputing

Last update: November 8, 2020