Defcon 23

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Defcon 23

I went to DefCon and now I have a record

My talk was discussing the details of my research with Xeno Kovah and Corey Kallenberg that resulted in Thunderstrike 2.

Official DefCon 23 Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter

I offered to loan my Thunderbolt adapters to anyone who needed one. No one wanted to take me up on it after the Thunderstrike talk.

Intel ATR team cites Thunderstrike

Intel's Advanced Threat Research group cited our work on Thunderstrike 2 as a potential vector for firmware rootkits. They showed how such a rootkit could easily circumvent virtualization and hypervisor security.

Mainframe hacking at DefCon 23

One of the highlights was seeing Soldier of Fortran and Big Endian Smalls discuss mainframe security.

Root pipe

The Rootpipe discussion was really depressing -- the vulnerability might go back to OSX 10.0. @osxreverser and Emil Kvarrhamar had shoutouts.

Transcription people are real

There was live transcription, which were often full of swear words and attempts to interact with the transcribers. Sometimes it worked.

Tinfoil Security

Overall everyone was attempting to improve security. I'm not sure if this works.

A few more photos, although I wasn't taking very many on this trip.