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3D printed corners

Cardboard test

I've been experimenting with processing STL files to unfold them flat and make wireframes with dowels for edges and the next seemed to be generating 3D corners that will hold laser cut faces. In github/osresearch/papercraft there is the corner tool that generates the corners and another, faces that generates the SVG file with the faces for the cutter.

Icosahedron build

It works fairly well for convex shapes, although the corners are not minimal and there are issues with intersecting screw holes on very acute angles. For regular polyhedra it works very well.


There are also issues with overlapping corner pieces that should be merged rather than making individual corners. You can see that the corner pieces are larger than they need to be in some of these corners.

Dodecahedron with 3D printed corners
3D Corners

The original version made "clips" for the corners, which worked ok but was very difficult to make scalable and always had a somewhat clunky vision.