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Macintosh Hacking

Macintosh SE Video interface

Mac SE video pulses
Mac SE video driving success

Rather than let an old Mac SE with dead drives go to waste, I built a video card interface to the BeagleBone Black to drive the 512x342x1 display using the PRU. The bit clock is 16 MHz, about 64ns per bit, which is easily doable with programmable realtime unit, but not from userspace due to the hard realtime constraints -- a few nanosecond delay in generating the video signal causes visible distortion. The source is and reuses the PRU interface from LEDscape / Octoscroller. See it in action! Or read on for more info...

ADB to USB adapter

Mac SE with a BeagleBone Black motherboard

Older Macintosh computers used the Apple Desktop Bus protocol to communicate with keyboards and mice. It is a one-wire, bidirectional multi-drop protocol. More information on my adapter design

Mac SE Easter Egg

Mac SE engineers (0x1D93C)
Mac SE

Using my PROMdate generic EPROM reader, I extracted the Mac SE boot ROMs from a machine I found on the side of the road. We then reverse engineered the easter egg photographs of the development team hidden in the extra space. Read on for more details...

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