From Trammell Hudson's Projects

Circus arts


Unicycling across the Playa
Electric Unicycle

I learned to unicycle at Tulane and enjoyed riding with the circus at Burning Man. I even tried out a self balancing unicycle.

Flying Trapeze

Trammell's first trapeze catch

The Trapeze School of New York has a great location on the westside greenway. In this video I do a knee hang catch to the other trapeze.

Cyr wheel

Cyr Wheel, first class

We tried learning the Cyr wheel at the NYC Svindelic studio. Lots of fun, but pretty tough to get going.

Travelling rings

Trammell Swinging
Riverside park traveling rings

Swinging on the traveling rings at Swing City camp at Burning Man and working out on the rings at "Hudson Beach" in Riverside Park.

Aerial silks


I've been practicing on the aerial silks and static trapeze. It's a great upper-body workout.