Pebble watches

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Pebble watches

Pebble Polar Map

The Pebble smart watch brings together a fully programable ARM CPU with a Sharp E-Paper transflective screen along with Bluetooth LE. You can receive your application notifications and texts on your wrist, with a gentle buzzer that really gets your attention. The screen has a motion activated backlight for reading at night.

Two Factor Pebble
One of the first watches I wrote was a RFC-6238 TOTP authenticator that worked with Google's two factor token.
Hoe laat is het?
To help with my Dutch time-telling skills, I wrote "Hoe Laat is Het"
Pebble wordsquare wrist watch
My word square clock is based on the Qlock2
CST Style Pebble
Based on the CST font
Testing a calendar concept
An attempt at a calendar watch
Three timezones
Three Time Zones
"TH10" Pebble watch
TH10, an aviators watch.

More photos of my Pebble watch faces.