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October First 2016

Second year of the Teatro design with the crescent shade structure (seen here in Slavik's sky dive).


  • Pallet racks picked up on Wednesday evening, setup Thursday. Could use earlier delivery/pickup.
  • Flat bed worked well n 2015, but had to move by hand this time.
  • Also had to sneak back into camp; need vehicles for moving crew
  • Angle brackets worked fairly well.
  • Back angles not quite as well
  • Tear down on Saturday went fast; great plan
  • Could use more height. Can we build modular structures higher? Also might fit in the containers.
  • Can we incorporate containers into structure for more height or shade?


  • Sign improvements worked well (better cases, power supplies)
  • Sign repair onsite thanks to Billie; could use better connectors
  • Ethernet connectivity worked well; could do better with ethernet on each sign element.
  • Power supplies
    • Sealed 5V supplies worked perfectly for the 3rd year in a row.
    • Other than the "S", the power supplies seemed adaquate for four strips
    • Helios bars ran four strips of 5m @ 30 LED/m without problems.
    • AC cables too short; had to use lots of power strips
    • Vadim had neat multi-drop extension cords for lights. 10m with 7 outlets would have been great.
  • Coiled LEDs stored in container all failed. Not a good way to store them.
  • Wifi was a total failure. Center camp never brought up access points.
  • GeoTem lighting fall back plan was ok
    • DMX sequencing on lights gave it some feeling of motion.
    • Fabricating 2.5m bars for the geotem structure would be very useful
    • Connectors, etc need to be prototyped.
  • "Search lights" on top of the frontage were awesome. They looked great and were visible from everywhere. Could we incorporate them into the other art via a DMX bridge?


  • Placement was ok, organization was better.
  • Peg board worked, but needs better layout and more tools.
  • USB soldering irons are awesome.
  • No blinky hospital == more time for other projects (although we did lots of piece work repair)
  • Shade on end of container was great; we had a nice lounge
  • But we were far from the rest of camp due to last minute layout changes
  • Vadim air-hosed all of his equipment before stowing it. This is a great idea and we should add a small compressor to the container.
  • The speak easy container had a rubber sheeting door to keep the dust out. Should we add something similar?
  • Billie added fans at the back; having airflow was very pleasant.

Water bar

  • Pump, CO2 and chiller were constant headache.
  • Pressurized water dispensed well, but was not cold and bubbles came out of solution too quickly
  • Need larger CO2 tanks; 5lb lasted about a day
  • Or should consider moving to a keg based system and pressurizing kegs onsite.
  • Interactivity at the frontage was a great success and should be repeated.
  • WTF happened with the water hose? it was dug up the day after it was trenched.
  • More sparkly decorations! Maybe enclosed cubic zircon pieces.
  • Water pulse art was neat, but flaky.


  • Second year of "build the structure, let the campers put on tarps" was great.
  • HRC put up most of the structure; can we spread it out more?
  • Rebar was painful; are there automated hammers?
  • Major failure during microburst due to side tarps. Should only use aluminet tarps on the sides.


  • Alpha week breakfasts need to be on an early morning schedule to maximize work time. Too late in the morning and we lose half a day.
  • Meal times and availability need to be announced for planning, both during build and event week.
  • Burn night dinner needs to be earlier and announced.
  • Water and gray water needed to be better organized; spend many days without facilities

2016 Burning Man

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