October First 2016

From Trammell Hudson's Projects

Disorient camp on the Esplanade

Second year of the Teatro design with the crescent shade structure (seen here in Slavik's sky dive).


Loading the pallet racks
  • Pallet racks picked up on Wednesday evening, setup Thursday. Could use earlier delivery/pickup.
  • Flat bed worked well n 2015, but had to move by hand this time.
  • Also had to sneak back into camp; need vehicles for moving crew
  • Angle brackets worked fairly well.
  • Back angles not quite as well
  • Tear down on Saturday went fast; great plan
  • Could use more height. Can we build modular structures higher? Also might fit in the containers.
  • Can we incorporate containers into structure for more height or shade?


Disorient sign hacking
  • Sign improvements worked well (better cases, power supplies)
  • Sign repair onsite thanks to Billie; could use better connectors
  • Ethernet connectivity worked well; could do better with ethernet on each sign element.
  • Power supplies
    • Sealed 5V supplies worked perfectly for the 3rd year in a row.
    • Other than the "S", the power supplies seemed adaquate for four strips
    • Helios bars ran four strips of 5m @ 30 LED/m without problems.
    • AC cables too short; had to use lots of power strips
    • Vadim had neat multi-drop extension cords for lights. 10m with 7 outlets would have been great.
  • Coiled LEDs stored in container all failed. Not a good way to store them.
  • Wifi was a total failure. Center camp never brought up access points.
  • GeoTem lighting fall back plan was ok
    • DMX sequencing on lights gave it some feeling of motion.
    • Fabricating 2.5m bars for the geotem structure would be very useful
    • Connectors, etc need to be prototyped.
  • "Search lights" on top of the frontage were awesome. They looked great and were visible from everywhere. Could we incorporate them into the other art via a DMX bridge?


DPW relocates our containers
  • Placement was ok, organization was better.
  • Peg board worked, but needs better layout and more tools.
  • USB soldering irons are awesome.
  • No blinky hospital == more time for other projects (although we did lots of piece work repair)
  • Shade on end of container was great; we had a nice lounge
  • But we were far from the rest of camp due to last minute layout changes
  • Vadim air-hosed all of his equipment before stowing it. This is a great idea and we should add a small compressor to the container.
  • The speak easy container had a rubber sheeting door to keep the dust out. Should we add something similar?
  • Billie added fans at the back; having airflow was very pleasant.

Water bar

  • Pump, CO2 and chiller were constant headache.
  • Pressurized water dispensed well, but was not cold and bubbles came out of solution too quickly
  • Need larger CO2 tanks; 5lb lasted about a day
  • Or should consider moving to a keg based system and pressurizing kegs onsite.
  • Interactivity at the frontage was a great success and should be repeated.
  • WTF happened with the water hose? it was dug up the day after it was trenched.
  • More sparkly decorations! Maybe enclosed cubic zircon pieces.
  • Water pulse art was neat, but flaky.


Shade plan
  • Second year of "build the structure, let the campers put on tarps" was great.
  • HRC put up most of the structure; can we spread it out more?
  • Rebar was painful; are there automated hammers?
  • Major failure during microburst due to side tarps. Should only use aluminet tarps on the sides.


Build week dinner
  • Alpha week breakfasts need to be on an early morning schedule to maximize work time. Too late in the morning and we lose half a day.
  • Meal times and availability need to be announced for planning, both during build and event week.
  • Burn night dinner needs to be earlier and announced.
  • Water and gray water needed to be better organized; spend many days without facilities