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There's beauty in the breakdown

I like to document my failures as much as my successes, especially if it can help other people learn. In many cases it is would be hard to generate the exact effect of an unplanned mistake, which gives them a unique beauty.


Modem Manager!

Wrong bit order in the bytes.

Oscilloscope vector inputs are sensitive to noise.

Inverted Z input.

Capacitor wobble. Best animated.


NTSC to RF means lots of static.

DMA failure while trying to generate NTSC video from a Teensy.

Still not quite right timing for NTSC, but getting closer.

Forgot to turn on the IOMMU

coreboot video failure without a BIOS.

My talk at 33C3 with Adelle had a few glitches.


Wrong voltage into an LED.

3D printing

OpenSCAD generation script messup

So many mistakes until a working design.


Plotters can be messy to setup.

That was supposed to be an orderly coil of metal strip.

Glitches in the wild

Ghosts in the ROM.

2017 Art

Last update: November 8, 2020