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Flapple Bird

Flapple Bird

One of the art pieces on display at the 2015 Interactive Show at NYCR was a playable Flappy Bird clone for the Apple //e written by Dagen Brock.

We used c2t to convert the disk image to a WAV file that could be played back on the headphone output of my laptop to the cassette input on the Apple. The first few seconds of data are the INSTA-DISK loader, which formats the floppy and then receives, decompresses and writes blocks to the disk. The above photo shows the write in progress.

The files are distributed in a ProDOS format, which c2t can't handle. So I used AppleCommander to extract the FLAP.SYSTEM file from the flapple140.po disk image and then insert it into a Dos 3.3 image that could be transferred.

TODO: document this process java -jar AppleCommander-1.3.5.jar -e flapple.po flap.system > flap.system java -jar AppleCommander-1.3.5.jar -p test.dsk flap.system sys < flap.system


2014 NYCR Retrocomputing

Last update: November 8, 2020