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This is an AVR RFID with a four spot-color artistic PCB version of the Belgian artist Henri Privat-Livemont's 1890 art work, "Ameublement":


It seemed like a nice piece for this sort of work -- she is using a screwdriver to assemble "meublement", or furniture. A possible redesign of this PCB might put a small potentiometer at the tip of her screwdriver and use it to control some part of the board.

The image was traced with Inkscape's "Trace Bitmap" using the smoothed, stacked, four color mode. These four layers required some hand rework, but were pretty much ready to export as PNG at 400 DPI, then converted to monochrome BMP using image magick:

convert -monochrome copper.png copper.bmp
convert -monochrome silk.png silk.bmp
convert -monochrome mask.png mask.bmp

These were imported to layers 1 (top copper), 21 (top silk) and 29 (top stop, inverted colors). The board outline for this one was done in Eagle, rather than using an exported DXF.

2017 PCB Art

Last update: November 8, 2020