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Altair 8800b

We ended up with a stack of Altair 8800b systems from MITS and "Cyclone" clones of the Altair, as well as a stack of ROM chips. I haven't had time to go through and survey them yet.

The Altair comes from a groovier, hipper time. Note that in this office the Altair is connected to a stylish ADM-3A terminal as well as two floppy drives and a dot-matrix printer. There is an annoying ASR-33 teletype in the background and ghostly office workers in the foreground.

Unfortunately our copy of Altair BASIC is bootleg, which means that Bill Gates is angry with us. I'm working on contacting him about paying the $30 license fee as he described in his "Open Letter to Hobbyists".

Retrocomputing 2014 ROM

Last update: November 8, 2020