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The 33rd Chaos Communication Congress Fahrplan (schedule) is overwhelming -- there were four parallel tracks for over twelve hours per day, so figuring out what the attend was difficult. I also came down with the H1-Nerd1 virus, so I missed much of the later days. Luckily my presentation on my work on more secure firmware was on the first day, before I came down the the con-flu.


There's always lots of interesting art to see in the various halls of the congress center.

The lounge is like Cyberdelia, but the smoke made my flu worse.

Fun talks

Edible Soft Robotics

bunnie's new microcontroller

A story of discrimination and unfairness

CV Dazzle

Beyond virtual and augmented reality

Policy talks

Million Dollar Dissidents

Arab's in video games

Surprise Snowden

US Election Hacking

Rebel Cities

Security talks

Memory Deduplication

Intel debug ports

Forward and Future Secrecy

2016 Security Travel

Last update: November 8, 2020